Each of us is obliged to contribute to the protection of the environment. That is why the company of JMA stavební welcomes the opportunity to build biogas stations for biomass processing. The positive impacts of biomass processed in biogas stations for the environment are generally known, and the economic benefit resulting from the sale or utilisation of generated electric energy and heat is just as positive. 

The company offers the development of biogas stations with their own building technological concept.

Our biogas stations can be used:

• in agriculture, to process plant and animal biomass

• to process food wastes and similar productions like

- starch factories

- distilleries

- mills

- slaughter-houses

- cooling plants

- canning factories

- sugar refineries

- etc.

Advantages of the JMA biogas stations:

• Simple design with high efficiency and reliability

• Low operating costs

• Favourable price

• Cylindrical vessels with optional capacities for the turn-around points and reactors in maintenance-free types (50 – 6,000 m3)

• The reactor has wall multi-zone heating on the cylinder’s outer side:

- The heating system is not inside the reactor and it is possible to mix the reactor better 

- The mass is heated through the entire wall evenly in a very friendly manner to microorganisms

- The heating distribution system is free from being clogged with deposits needing no cleaning

- Easy repair of the heating in case of failure with no need to empty the reactor

- Easy heat control

• Very good disintegration of the raw material before entering the reactor resulting, as compared to the common BPS’s, in the following:

- Better decomposition of the raw material with a higher gas yield

- Higher technological reliability in pumping and stirring

Other services

• Assistance in provision of finances and furnishing of grants

• Turn-key delivery

• Guarantee and after-guarantee service

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