How to better maintain and protect the inflatable castle in the using process

China - The inflatable castle is one kind of entertainment equipment which outer shape is the castle. As its unique and lovely appearance, it has already been welcomed by most of children. By the introduction of technician from famous inflatable Castles and Inflatable manufacturer General Group Co., Limited, there are many factors that the user needs to pay more attention to in the using process otherwise the inflatable equipment will be easy to be broken. This is mainly due to that these equipments are made of the environmental protection and soft material and the players for it are jumpy children. Today, this article will let each inflatable castle user know about how to better protect their equipment in the process of using.

First, the operator needs to limit the number of children who will play on this playing equipment. Generally speaking, three square meters could adapt to the weight of two children. Do not beyond this number. Otherwise, it will largely affect the service life of this equipment. This factor is very basically and crucial that the operator need to obey.

In addition to the main body of the Inflatable Bounce Houses , there are also many small modeling facilities on the equipment which could play the role of decoration. Each operator need to protect these accessories from deadlifting and hard tearing of the little children.

When children are playing on this equipment, the operator must remind each parent to prevent their child doodle with a hard object on the device. The customer service from General Group Co., Limited said that some of their clients had experienced this matter in their using process and it had caused into great damage of the inflatable castle.

In case of equipment damage such as breakage and leakage, the operator need to quickly adhere the sparely PVC material on the breakage and leakage point. After coated the PVC material and the leakage point with special glue, people need to wait for 5 minutes after the gluing point is dry enough. And then, people could stick the PVC material on it with proper extrusion.

If the operator finds that the pneumatic of the inflatable castle in the working condition is not enough, they need to carefully check whether there is excessive leakage, torn holes, or power failure. On the contrary, if the operator finds that the pressure of the inflatable castle is too hard, they must put a little fan onto the air inlet.

At last, if client faces with the large area of non-normal damage or leakage, the manufacturer General Group Co., Limited can provide professional maintenance services. People who purchased the inflatable castle could directly send the equipment to the factory for repairing.

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