Top Strategies to Boost SERP’s Using Social Media Promotions

Considering the recent changes in the search engine algorithms, it seems that social media promotions have got a crucial place in Search Engine Rank Pages (SERP). Several notable analysts have found evidences that social signals are becoming more important when it comes to achieving higher position in the SERPs.

These days, social shares from prominent social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. have become efficient in driving quality traffic to your website. However, there are certain tricks and techniques associated with these social sharing and not everyone is able to drive good traffic from these social networking portals.

Let’s now see the top strategies to boost SERPs using social media promotions.

#1 Google+

It has been seen that the Google +1 shares have scored the highest correlation with good rankings in the SERP. Your posts on Google+ are liable to get indexed as soon as they are featured on this social networking site. However, there are several settings one must do to his/her Google+ account in order to get positive results for their website. Following are the list of tricks that will help you in boosting SERPs using Google+ social media promotions.

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