Kids, Technology Media & Bloggers: OwnFone Now Available for Review

Product description: OwnFone is a simple mobile phone for children and seniors. It is a UK invention, and officially launches in Australia on Wednesday 9 April 2014. Users can only make and receive phone calls. It does not have a screen. Instead, the user designs the phone on the OwnFone website and chooses up to 12 names (or faces) to be printed on the front of the phone. The phone has no texting, internet, apps, games, video, or camera, making it Australia’s simplest mobile phone. It is small (size of a credit card), light and durable.

Benefits/Features of the product: The OwnFone is perfect for people who want a safe, low cost, and low risk mobile phone to keep in touch. In fact, it was specifically designed with children and seniors in mind.

Children may be able to operate a smartphone but it does not mean it is the right choice for them.

OwnFone alleviates concerns that experts, parents, and the general public have about the dangers of smartphones. Unassuming users of smartphones can fall victim to sexting, cyberbullying and inappropriate web content, and accrue high costs with in-app purchases.

Recommended Retail Price: $69.00

Reviewers will be offered product only.

Available to media and bloggers in Australia only.

Available for review until 30 April 2014.

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