The Crest Condo offers it all!

SINGAPORE – The residents of Singapore have a lot to celebrate for. The Crest Condo is now open for housing and is blooming with features that are truly state of the art. This condominium living space is not like all regular housing projects, it has been built taking into consideration key factors that can inspire lifestyle and contribute to the comfort and safety of the residents.

An amazing feature that gives existing as well as future residents an opportunity to engage in high quality shopping is the close proximity of the condo to shopping and commercial landscapes like Orchard Road and the Central Business District. It is not just that, the location of the Condo makes it a great property to invest in for those residents who would like to seek growing returns from their investment in the future.

Crest Condo has been designed to extend world class living standards but, it has also been developed taking into account the convenience of the residents living here. As these living spaces are very close to the Redhill MRT station, commuting for work and pleasure becomes very achievable. With the close proximity to a popular station, residents can enjoy frequent trains and also enjoy a calm commute without having to worry about city traffic.

More than anything it is the brand that is behind the Crest name. Crest Condo is an esteemed project of the company and top developer in Asia, WingTaiAsia. The company has been responsible for some of the biggest and the boldest projects in the continent and now is happy to bring forward its latest contribution to elevated living in the form of condos.

Condos in general are very popular format of living as they offer residents the space and the freedom to utilize the space given in the best manner possible. Given the vastness of the space and the design, they make for luxurious spaces which open up many customization possibilities. It is this scope and the probability of a high return investment that makes Crest, a great choice among the residents of the city.

Registration is now open and those who book their condos now also enjoy the chance to preselect their homes and receive a discount on the price. To know more, log onto

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