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Redwood City CA- 13th March, 2014: Garage door is a complex unit meant for garage protection. Due to its moving nature, it requires regular maintenance to avoid sudden stoppage. One of the major reasons for sudden or halfway stoppage could be torsion spring problem. Torsion springs are helical springs meant to withstand entire door weight. These springs are under tremendous pressure and stress while they are expanded.

Redwood City Overhead Garage Door Service springs counter balance the weight of door panels. While replacing a torsion spring one should assess the door’s weight as it has direct relation with torsion spring capacity. Only an expert technician performs this activity by using advanced tools and techniques. Some users try to fix or replace broken springs by themselves. It may look simple and easy process, but these springs are associated with potential stress and tension. Never try to replace or adjust torsion springs by DYI method. Expert technicians measure spring size, diameter and gauge in a systematic manner to avoid possible accidents.

Torsion springs are of various types depending on the door model and type. Modern and advanced doors are equipped with quality and branded springs that require less maintenance. Replacement or adjustment of springs depends on the lifecycle.  Each spring comprises certain lifespan beyond which they become useless. Once the lifespan is completed, they tend to break at any moment. Replacement of springs requires expertise assistance as they are associated with tremendous pressure and stress. Expert technicians use advanced techniques and tools to neutralize the pressure. A skilled technician knows how to measure a broken spring based on its size, diameter and wire gauge.

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