Haircare Industry in UK - April 2014: Market Size, Shares, Analysis and Forecast Report

While the haircare markets remain in growth, the pace has slowed in 2013 as consumers turn to savvier shopping methods to secure the cheapest prices, and scientific as well as technological advancements cause a cannibalisation of product needs.

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  • Definitions:
  • Abbreviations

Issues and Insights

  • Building brand loyalty in the shampoo and conditioner market
  • The facts
  • The implications
  • Product repertoires suffering from cannibalisation
  • The facts
  • The implications
  • Anti-ageing holds opportunities for the haircare markets
  • The facts
  • The implications

Trend Application

  • Trend: Return to the Experts
  • Trend: Retired for Hire
  • Futures trend: Human

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Market Drivers

  • Key points
  • Ageing population
  • Trends in the age structure of the UK population, by gender, 2008-18
  • Increasing employment needs a well-groomed image
  • Employment and unemployment, by gender, 2008-18
  • Shorter showers call for faster products
  • Green household habits, December 2013
  • Socialising provides opportunity for the haircare market
  • What extra money is spent on, selected items, January 2014
  • Nine in ten women use a blow dryer
  • Hair appliance frequency of use, February 2014

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