Instant Quotes for Group Health Plans from Columbia City Benefits Group

Columbia City Benefits Group offers major medical group health insurance plans from the trusted US carriers, allowing business owners to concentrate on their core functions. The agency helps them choose the plan that best fits their needs.

[Columbia, OR, 01/3/2014] – Columbia City Benefits Group, a trusted independent broker of health and life insurance products in Oregon, helps business owners choose a group health plan that fits their specifications by offering major medical insurance plans from trusted US carriers. This allows business owners to concentrate on their core functions, while the agency takes care of the HR tasks.

Helps Businesses Recruit Best Team Members through Competitive Health Plans

Whether clients have a large or small business, they require group health insurance for their workforce. By providing competitive rates, Columbia City Benefits Group offers clients a customized plan to specifically meet their needs. The agency knows thatemployees consider two major factors when it comes to a job offer: salary and benefits. By providing business owners the most competitive plan available,they can recruit the best team members possible.

Provides Competitive yet Affordable Group Health Plan Rates

As the agency specializes in employee benefits,they ensurea smooth transition for employees and addresses compliance issues, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which arise from certain claims. Some of the basic types of group health plans they deal with are Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organization, Health Reimbursement Account, and Health Savings Account.

A standard group health insurance policy will normally provide coverage for the following:

·         Employees

·         Dependents of Employees

·         Employers

Columbia City Benefits Group agents work with premium carriers who understand the needs of employers and employees alike.This is in line with its commitment to deliver an affordable and attractive package that keeps clients competitive in their market.

About Columbia City Benefits Group

Columbia City Benefits Group is an independent broker of health and life insurance products from trusted carriers in the US. Licensed in 32 states, the agency has been successfully taking care of clients’ insurance needs for nearly three decades. Columbia City Benefits Group’s approach sets them apart from their competitors by finding solutions that fit the clients’ specifications. The agency helps clients look for affordable coverage both on and off the marketplace exchange.

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