How Program Eligibility Is Determined:

Individuals interested in Fremont Counseling Service's substance abuse programs or groups are required to schedule an intake with a clinician in order to complete an ASI (Addiction Severity Index). This instrument is completed in conjunction with the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) Patient Placement Criteria (PPC).

The ASAM standards are the most often implemented measurements used by treatment centers for placement and treatment of clients with addiction(s) and other mental health disorders.

IOT Program

The IOT (Intensive Outpatient Treatment) Program is an ASAM level 2.1 treatment program designed to help individuals who struggle with chemical addictions. It is based on a modified Matrix Model for 8 weeks and a modified WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Model for 2 weeks. The program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. It is followed by up to 33 weeks of Continuing Care (see last page).

All individuals desiring entry into the IOT Program must have an ASI which includes an ASAM. It is required that the evaluation indicates an ASAM level 2.1.

ARG Program

Advanced Recovery Group (ARG) is an ASAM level 1.0 treatment program designed to help an individual who has relapsed after completing treatment at an ASAM level 2.1 or higher. It consists of eight 2-hour sessions followed by twenty 1-hour sessions.

The eight 2-hour sessions are based on the SAMHSA TAP 19 (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Technical Assistance Publication) Relapse Prevention with Chemically Dependent Criminal Offenders. The twenty 1-hour sessions consist of the Continuing Care Program (see last page).

CC Program

The Continuing Care (CC) Program is an ASAM level 1.0 program offered to individuals who have completed an ASAM level 2.1 or higher level of care. This program is based on the Matrix Relapse Prevention 33 Session Program.

BADE Program

The Basic Alcohol and Drug Education (BADE) Program is designed to assist individuals who meet ASAM level 1.0. The individual is provided with basic information on alcohol and other drugs gathered from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and SAMHSA.