Laser assist Neo Graft Technique – HHYs new hair Transplant Treatment

HHY Clinic is known to bring the best and path breaking treatments in hair transplants to India.

With 99.99% satisfactory results and 100% ouchless technology, HHY Clinic is one of the sought after names in hair transplant industry. It is our passion towards the subject that has made us bring newer and better technologies in hair transplant to India.

One such treatment is Laser Assisted Neo Graft Technology.

This treatment has gained much popularity recently because unlike the traditional procedures it is not painful, bloody and cosmetically unsatisfactory.

This technology has provided an aesthetic touch to surgical procedure.

The laser used is a char-free carbon di-oxide laser that ensures precise tissue vaporization with minimum residual thermal damage.

A major benefit of this treatment is that minute holes as tiny as .6 mm can be evenly spread through out the bald area. This laser does not cause any bleeding and the healing is quicker and leaves no scars or marks.

This technique can be used to treat male as well as female baldness which makes it versatile.

HHY has made a conscious effort to introduce the same level and quality of treatments and technologies that are available internationally but at affordable rates.

Set up in the plush location of Andheri, HHY Clinic has successfully treated a number of hair issues. The Laser Assisted Neo Graft Technology also known as LANT is one such technique which one would have only dreamt of getting done abroad. But under the dynamic leadership of our experts’ even people from foreign countries are considering travelling to India to get their hair tr done.

So what are you waiting for? If you are troubled with hair fall, receding hair lines or baldness, you need not lose hope.
If all your home remedies and general medication to solve your hair woes has gone kaput, do not feel disheartened.

Because HHY Clinic will help you to regain your confidence and reinforce your long lost glory. Gift yourself a HHY experience and you will be thankful for life.