Awesome Chinese New Year Celebration in London

Everybody gather together in London on the Chinese New Year to wish Kung Hei Fat Cho i.e. Happy New Year to their dear ones and friends. The Chinese New Year’s Celebration is performed with great enthusiasm and joy. London's Chinese New Year celebrations are extravagant and the largest outside Asia. The Chinese New Year falls on 2 February and is celebrated in central London- Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and Shaftesbury Avenue. London city celebrates this festival just like any other festival. There are various events and fun activities to do in this year’s celebration. Chinatown which is the prominent for the Chinese restaurants and Chinese ethnicity starts preparation.   

Chinese New year is celebrated on the first fifteen days of the Chinese calendar and is the most important festival for the Chinese people. In China this festival is known as the spring festival and people traditionally celebrate with dragon dance. The Lantern Festival which is the most iconic and eye catching comes from the Chinese New Year. Not only in China is this festival celebrated with great zest in the United Kingdom. Londoners just like the Chinese greet each other with Kung Hei Fat Choi which loosely translates in auspicious greetings and blessings. It’s a treat to watch the grand celebrations which are accompanied with traditional costumes and the dragon dance. London organizes New Year’s parade to mark the Celebrations and host the largest celebrations outside China. A lot of western countries celebrated the Chinese New Year which has a significant Chinese population. Among them Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and last but not the least London are the cities which observe Chinese New Year. Decorations which are the most important part of celebrations convey New Year’s greeting. They are the traditional art works and not mere advertisement. They depict the various Chinese phrases and the idioms which are a part of the Chinese calligraphy. Gift which are wrapped in red envelopes are exchanged between friends and relatives. Also Chinese sweets and delicacies are distributed among the relatives and friends. Common gifts include fruits, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, candies and other small gifts items.

There is a hustle and bustle in Chinatown which is famous for the London’s East Asian community and the authentic Chinese restaurants and Chinese cuisine. The real flavors of the Chinese food and cuisine can be enjoyed in the Chinatown. The market is filled with awesome gifts and other decorative pieces which are prepared by original arts men of Chinese decent. If you have an appetite for sushi or Szechuan, satay or stir fry then you should definitely visit Chinatown. There are almost eighty restaurants offering cuisine from across the Far East in London’s Chinatown. You can also try the Chinese medicines for relaxation and for a better mind and body balance. Plus if you are bored in the festival you can take beautiful London Escorts with you to the New Year’s parade. You can enjoy with stunning London woman at the Lantern Festival and probably go for a romantic date with her.

The Lanterns which are lit and put in the sky is the traditional way to celebrate the occasion is the highlight for the London’s audience. You need to plan for your celebrations beforehand so as avoid last minute rush for the events and the parties. Book for your events online earlier and then wait for the time to come for the glittering events and celebrations. The dragon and the lion dance is also the main attraction in the New Year’s Parade. If you are lonely you can book Cheap Escorts from redvenusguide to accompany you at the Chinese New Year’s and enjoy romantic date with her. This Year’s Celebrations are grand and this is not possible without the contribution from the London audience. Join and be part of this Year’s splendid Chinese New Year’s Celebrations.