What to Bring on Your Glenwood Springs Rafting Trip

You’ve booked your Glenwood Springs rafting trip, but what exactly should you bring along on a whitewater trip through Glenwood Canyon? Here’s a handy list to help you prepare.

You don’t need a lot of gear for your Glenwood Springs rafting trip, but a little advanced prepping makes for a more comfortable excursion. Be sure to check with your rafting outfitter for more details and suggestions.

Swimsuit and shorts. You’ll be getting wet so wear a swimsuit. Quick drying shorts for gals to wear over their swimsuits are also highly recommended for comfort while straddling the sides of the raft.

Synthetic T-shirt. A quick-drying, non-cotton tee will keep you comfortable, protected from the sun and provide a soft layer beneath your life jacket.

Shoes. Rafting sandals like Chacos, Tevas or Keens are ideal, but so are old sneakers. Basically, you’re looking for a shoe that will protect your toes and stay on your feet.

Hat with a brim. It’s the best sun protection for your head, ears, nose and face.

Sunscreeen. Bring it along and use it. Because it’s easy to cool off on the river, it’s also easy to forget to slather on the sunscreen and end up with a painful post- trip sunburn.

Sunglass straps. If you are going to wear your shades, secure them with sunglass straps so they don’t get tossed overboard.

Hydration. Most rafting companies will provide drinks, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own and hydrate before and after your trip.

Be prepared for your Glenwood Springs summer rafting trip, but most importantly, have fun! If you forget something on the list, don’t worry. Glenwood’s rafting outfitters sell many of the above items in their retail shops. For more information or to book a Glenwood Springs raft trip, please visit

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Lisa Langer, Vice President of Tourism Marketing
Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association
Vicky Nash, Media Relations Representative
Resort Trends, Inc.