Dann, the sphere of the exclusiveness

Holiday in Colombia acquire another meaning when it comes to luxury accommodation. It doesn’t make hotels expensive but unique, full of high level services created to satisfy. Latin America is working hard on hotel industry, and has made it outstandingly and now they are offering an endless range of possibilities to those travellers who consider that travelling means something more than just the right destination.

Travellers that are looking for different hotels will make their August in this country; we are talking about one of the most advanced in matters of luxury accommodation, with big companies that compete every day to give the best to their guests. Today, we are talking about one of these companies, Dann Hotels, an example of how the most cared and selected accommodation in Colombia has been reinvented.

Dann moves like fish in the water in this called sphere of exclusiveness. Their 5-star hotels in the centre of Bogotá are an international reference that had earned the respect of other big companies that competes under the same conditions. For that end, they dedicated years of hard work on a high quality product, and we can appreciate it in all their accommodations, each one with their unique characteristics, creating a variety of services where you can find everything and, of course, high quality services.

5-star hotels

As an example, we take two of their most emblematic hotels. The Dann Carlton Bogotá Hotel and The Dann Carlton Bucaramanga Hotel, both are similar hotels located in different cities, focused on upper medium class businessmen and travellers looking for a first class hotel in Colombia. Special events, spaces for high level meetings, restaurants with a healthy menu designed to combine long business days  or get your strength back after a long tour around the main city tourism attractions, these 5-star hotels in Bogotá and Bucaramanga represent the class and elegance of a hotel chain that has always preferred  the small details.

Free wifi in the entire hotel, big meeting rooms for conferences, weddings and all kind of social events, gym, rooms that have received the most distinguished European figures, form an extra benefit that Dann considers convenient to offer to their guests.

A unique hotel

The flagship of these hotels is, undoubtedly , the historic Casa Dann Carltonan elegant spa hotel  in the north of Bogotá, built over a big tower of 237 superior rooms and suites and 91 apartments specially designed for travellers looking for a long stay in Colombia. To make it clear, take a look at these pictures:

Casa Dann Carlton Bogota Hotel

Location and price

Beyond the design, the luxury services and the personalized attention had made this chain notable with more than 40 years of hotel experience in Colombia, the location and price of some of their hotels made the difference. Among these, especially stands out the Dann Avenida 19 Hotel, also located in Bogotá, close to the financial district and designed for executives and head chiefs that come to the capital to close their deals. Although it is a bit modest compared with the others, it is a functional accommodation designed to rest, with comfortable services targeted at businessmen.

Dann Avenida 19 Hotel

Prestige and solvency

The hotel trade in Colombia is centred around the quality, which is, nowadays, the main element that distinguishes the right accommodation from the exceptional one. The location that we mentioned before is vital in this country, since its main cities are never-ending metropolis where choosing one place or another can really make the difference in the stay.

Services, in general, are high level in almost all the accommodations, influenced by the requests of American guests. Thanks to that, offering free Wi-Fi in the entire building –something exceptional in Spain- at the urban hotels of Bogotá and Medellín is the norm. Spacious locations are also a sine qua non conditions to design a 3-star hotel and over, this characteristic is what amazed the Spanish travellers, the large space that they can enjoy in every room, from the standard to the macro suites.

Dann is an expert on this matter; this is why, it is currently a reference chain in Colombia and has begun to export it to neighbour countries like Ecuador, where theDann Carlton Quito Hotel is located. The goal, according to the chain’s executive board, is to keep hard work following their true objective and expand their territory