10 Best New Apps on Shopify To Enhance an E-commerce Store

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform that powers over 90,000 online stores, making them powerful and helping people with little web development skills to trade online and run their own business with the minimal of fuss.



Immediate Release: To make a Shopify e-commerce store ( stand out from the crowd and increase sales, it important that the storeowner uses all the tools that is at hand. There are many apps for a Shopify online store but unfortunately a lot of people either do not know about them or ignore to use them.


For maximum sales, a storeowner needs more than just a Shopify theme, they need the best applications that are relevant for their site to give it the power and the capabilities it needs to generate a successful online business with maximum sales.


Shopify is no longer a secret, hundreds of thousands of people know about the online shopping store builder with 90,000 of them already using it to generate a serious regular income. To start an online store people need to have the right tools to achieve success and thanks to the large number of apps that are available for Shopify, everyone can make their online store succeed.


The top ten New Apps on Shopify to enhance an e-commerce store and help rejuvenate the store to gain sales are:


1. Shippo. This app prints a shipping label with just one click. Shippo allows you to choose the parcel dimension, pickup date and preferred carrier and within seconds you will receive a label. Very easy application to use and best of all, it will compare express delivery rates of all courier services to find the best price.

2. QuickOrder. This app allows customers to have a better shopping experience. By using QuickOrder, potential customers visiting the site can have access to all the products on one page, which will increase conversion rates.

3. Customer Pricing. This is a very clever app that will allow you to appreciate regular customers by offering them different prices than new customers. Custom Pricing is an excellent way to have customers become a regular customer and stay loyal to your store.

4. KISSmetrics. When spending money on marketing your store you need to know what works and what does not work. Many people waste money and advertising and marketing and that is down to not having the right tools on what campaigns work for their site. With this app, it allows you to know where your traffic is coming from, so you can decide what you spend your money on to promote your store.

5. Auto Gift Card & Discount Code. This is a great app that will help to generate sales and improve promotions by automatically product a gift card or a discount code.

6. Stitch Labs. This is a powerful app that helps to increase sales with powerful reports and help you make the right business decisions.
7. Scope. This is a nice app that allows your customers to zoom into a product to get a better feel for the product. This type of app is used with all the biggest online stores around the world.

8. Social Login. This app helps increase registrations by making it more simplified to register to your store. It is compatible with Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live

9. SEO Scan Pro. This app is an important tool that helps increase traffic by giving you access to tools to improve visibility in search engines.

10. Printful. This app allows you to earn money without holding any stock. You can sell T-shirts without actually stocking t-shirts by having it outsourced to another company, where they do the hard work and you take a slice of the profits.