Highlighting Its Variety of Financing Options, Car Dealership in NYC,, Aims for New Drivers

Brooklyn, NY, March 18, 2014 -Wheels to Lease, a Brooklyn car dealership, is showcasing its financing options to new drivers in New York City.

"We offer various sales month-to-month, but our car leasing deals and competitive financing are the real draw. By offering financing options on every car we have in stock, our dealership has become an ideal place for people shopping for their first car. Whether they are parents purchasing new cars for new drivers, or people taking up driving for the first time, we carry affordable options for almost anyone" said Shlomie Hershkop, owner of the Brooklyn car dealership.

The car dealership in NYC has built a large part of its business leasing cars to families, many of which are young driver's first cars. The staff of Wheels to Lease put a lot of emphasis on understanding the needs of young drivers and their worried parents highlighting the wide array of safety features on both the new and used cars available from the dealership.

In New York City, many people take years before getting behind the wheel. By offering assistance financing both new and used cars with high safety standards, new drivers are likely to feel more comfortable investing in a car.

For New York drivers, financing a car lease can be a tricky proposition. With rents, taxes, and general cost of living as high as it is, many New York residents choose to go without a car for many years. Wheels to Lease is highlighting its efforts to help new drivers with their car's financing in an effort to attract some of these apprehensive drivers.

For specifics on Wheels to Lease's car leasing deals, check out the company's website or call the company at 718-871-7749. The dealership can also be found on Facebook at,on Twitter at, and it manages a blog at