Being in the heart!

Madhya Pradesh(MP) is known as the Heart of India. This well known epithet earned by the state is owing to its two precious jewels namely, Indore and Bhopal. These two major cities in the largest Indian state are the major contributors in the progress of the state. Both abound in magnificent architectural monuments and hence making Madhya Pradesh an essential part of Incredible India!

Indore is the heart of MP. So it can be rightfully hailed as heart of hearts! It has inherited the grandeur of Mughals, Marathas and the systematic planning of the British rule. This is truly reflected in the charisma that it holds. Bhopal is the capital of the state. This makes it a favourite among travelers and businessmen. It is also hailed as the city of lakes owing to several beautiful water bodies in and around it.
Due to these and many other reasons traveling between these two cities has become a necessity. The best mode of traveling is via the bus route as it takes less than 4 hours to complete the journey. Indore to Bhopal bus tickets can be procured from the government bus depots easily. This bus route is one of the most active links in the state. This makes the booking process very handy and convenient. The tickets come at affordable prices too!
One can also book the tickets through the multiple websites. This mode of booking is advantageous for tourists who wish to plan a luxury trip to the beautiful city of Bhopal. The price of the Indore to Bhopal bus ticket can be conveniently compared and the most suitable deal can be chosen easily. If your trip is scheduled for a winter month then you can opt for an AC or Volvo bus. The availability, timing, price etc can be found out online.

The local travel agencies provide easy services to book bus tickets. The bus ticket can be procured from any of the reliable agency. These agencies have multiple bus timings and may provide you with a suitable time of travel. So if you have time for getting the travel booking done then it is advisable to make proper enquiries in person. It might also give you a chance to strike a bargain!

There are numerous tours and package offers being made both online and offline. The Bhopal bound bus ticket can be obtained via any of these means. These planned tours are aimed to integrate travel with assured adventure. So you can book bus tickets with the confidence of being treated like a valuable guest in the city of Bhopal. There will also be surprise mouth watering meals in the package that will leave your taste buds in pure ecstasy. The city boasts of its rich art too. There may be cultural concerts that you would not like to miss. So plan your trip with an eye for the thing that you are looking for and I am sure that the larger than life city of Bhopal will not let you down!