Fitness Expert Conny Gyura Shares Her Pay It Forward Story with Germans on Public TV

Pompano Beach, FL-

Conny Gyura, WNN Radio Show Host (Conny's Health & Fitness Show), former IFBB Fitness German-European and World Champion, and owner of Fit & Fight Gym in Pompano Beach, Florida, was a guest on German Public TV on Friday June 27, 2014 in Ludwigsburg Castel on the show NACHTCAFE. The topic was "Typical German - abroad."

Six Germans who left their country years ago discussed why they left and how they feel in their new home country. Gyura was chosen to represent a German in the USA, who succeeded in business and made it on her own without corporate backing.

Conny and her husband Rasin F. Pour, came to the USA in 2005 and opened Fit & Fight Gym in Pompano Beach, which focuses on clients who are 35+. In 2009 when the recession and Bernie Madoff hit their business heavily, things looked dismal and Conny was near financial ruin.  With just 5 dollars left for the weekend, the end of her dream seemed near. But she was about to learn about the American spirit of generosity. Four very wealthy Fit & Fight Gym members offered their credit cards to get charged between five and fifteen thousand dollars each, whatever it would take, without having to pay it back, to save the Gym.

That's how special these wealthy clients felt about Conny and her unique Boutique Gym that not only helps people improve their physical health, but also mixes in mental and spiritual conditioning of the unconscious mind. And for Conny, a German Citizen, the most amazing thing was that three, who offered financial help, had a Jewish background. It was extremely emotional for her because German history reminded Conny what a huge gift this was. "I have never ever in my life felt this thankful and grateful before, Conny said. Tears are still running just thinking about these gifts."

Conny is now also the Host at WNN Radio in Boca Raton, for her Conny's Health & Fitness Show. She says the popular show has a large and growing following. Motivating and educating her listeners is the mission of her show, where she invites doctors, lobbyists from Washington, trainers, nutritionists, etc. 

And the health and fitness guru is also working hard on getting a TV show idea pitched to Hollywood. She has the support of her husband Rasin, who opened Wood & Design German Cabinetry and Carpentry in 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, were he is teaching Americans high end German quality carpentry as a 2012 and 2013 Angie's List Super Service Award Winner.

"We made it through really hard times with help of our American clients. Germans would have never helped financially! That's the difference between Americans and Germans. Americans pay it forward. Our financial Angels asked us not to forget to help others when our business becomes truly successful financially (and they are sure we will big time) because like America we believe it's important to pay it forward!" Conny said.

"Thank you America for allowing my husband and I the opportunity to live and be able to do business here. We learned your language fluently and have adapted to your culture and we love it!"