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USA - Most of us watch videos on YouTube, and a majority of them are those that we watch over and over again. That said, it makes perfect sense to download these videos and save them to our hard disk or computer.

This, however, might not always be easy. For one, it is difficult to find a reliable YouTube video downloader. Most YouTube downloader today does less of downloading and the interface opens directly to asking users to buy the premium version of the downloader. Thus, it is no surprise that a reliable YouTube downloader is a rarity to find. Yet another contributor is the time that they take to download videos, most downloader applications take at least a minute or two, even for a video of very short duration.

The Free YouTube Downloader is a welcome change. The best thing is that it does not keep prompting users to buy the premium package. It is also pretty fast and does not take as long to download a video. The user interface seems to be quite user friendly and minimalistic. The good thing is that the interface does not have too many options to confuse the user.

The application supports batch downloading, which means users can upload the links to be downloaded all at a time, instead of downloading one video and then another. This Free YouTube Downloader seems to be one application that will fulfill the purpose it was intended for.

About YouTube downloader

The free YouTube downloader is a software application which helps users download videos from YouTube fast, efficiently and for free. It has many new features, an important one being that it supports drag and drop. Users will find this to be a very resourceful tool.

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