Flappy Bird's Death Gives Rise to a Highly-Addictive Parody, Flappy Hunt - by Zack Lew

March 19, 2014 – In the aftermath of the withdrawal of the evidently popular side-scrolling game, Flappy Bird, retro-style arcade gaming enthusiasts can still get their periodic fix of addictive gaming nostalgia, by delving into the world of Flappy Hunt.


While Flappy Hunt is indeed a parody of Flappy Bird, the most discerning of retro-arcade style gaming enthusiasts view Flappy Hunt as a suitable filler for that “missing thing” they couldn’t quite put their finger on, during their days of playing Flappy Bird. That all-important “missing thing” was indeed the player’s ability to KILL THE BIRD themselves, or in this case, kill the birds.


Flappy Hunt is a real parody of Flappy Bird, in the true sense of the term, especially since this particular gaming genre is essentially about releasing some stress and getting lost in the simple yet amazing world of classic gaming.


Flappy Hunt’s exploding existence as a serious hit probably owes much of its popularity to the ingenious way through which it appeals to one of humanity’s most urgent needs, the need to vent one’s frustration and inflict some fatal damage to an endless collection of digital birds. This is particularly true due to the criticism Flappy Bird itself received, with many enthusiastic players quick to point out just how difficult the game could be at times. For that reason, why wouldn’t anybody want to kill the birds if they cannot master gaining full control over them?


The insanely addictive Flappy Hunt is easily accessible (and freely too) over the web browser and was developed by Zack Lew. The gameplay embodies all which is desired by retro-style gaming enthusiasts and even incorporates man’s best friend — a surprisingly dexterous dog that catches the birds players manage to shoot down and holds them up in the air. Man’s best friend seems not to be too much of his best friend after all, as the dog conspicuously laughs in the face of the player, in the event of three shots fired that cause the birds to fly away.


Uptight bosses that prohibit the use of social networking platforms on internet-connected work computers will definitely need to consider adding the very addictive Flappy Hunt to that list, as this insanely addictive game will have anyone who starts playing glued to their screen and attached to their mouse for hours on end.



Flappy Hunt is a parody game based on the viral Flappy Bird, which is a game many believe came to too abrupt of an end, following its developer’s withdrawal.


Flappy Hunt does very well to fill the deep void left however, coming in to fuel the addictiveness of a retro-styled arcade game one simply cannot get enough of. Flappy Hunt was created by Zack Lew and is as accessible as playing it directly in the web browser. It is definitely a creatively funny twist to Flappy Bird.

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