Learning About Virtual Poker Rooms With Legal Poker Rooms

The legal status of online poker has become a popular topic in the mainstream media in recent years. After stories began to surface suggesting that poker professionals were earning millions of un-taxed dollars from virtual poker rooms, legislators and government officials sought to make online poker illegal inside the United States. Eventually, most states outlawed virtual poker, meaning that online poker enthusiasts had to find loopholes to continue playing.

The Current Legal Status of Online Poker

According to Legal Poker Rooms, the Internet's foremost website on legal issues surrounding online poker, virtual card games are legal in the United States on two different fronts. Although digital card rooms are still illegal in most parts of the country, certain states - namely Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey - have taken dramatic steps to revise or eliminate their restrictions on virtual poker.

Obviously, New Jersey and Nevada are America's two most gambling-friendly states. After all, Nevada's Las Vegas Strip and New Jersey's Atlantic City attract millions of gamblers each year and rake in billions of dollars in profits on an annual basis.

Offshore Poker Rooms

For aspiring online poker players not located in Nevada, Delaware, or New Jersey, virtual poker rooms that are located offshore or in countries that permit online gambling are an excellent option. This is because offshore-based online poker rooms, such as Bovada, are not subject to American law.

Bovada is popular because they offer extremely quick payouts, and accept deposits from Visa, MasterCard, e-check, and direct deposit from an American bank. Bet Online's poker room and Sports Betting's virtual den card are also popular among American gamblers who are playing online poker offshore.

About Legal Poker Rooms

Legal Poker Rooms is a website devoted to discussing the latest legal developments in the world of online poker. The website also analyzes all of the historical laws and regulations regarding traditional poker and brick-and-mortar poker rooms, too.

More recently, Legal Poker Rooms has reviewed some of the Internet's most popular virtual poker websites, as well as described all of the bonuses and free money gamblers can receive from these websites when they become members.

Deposit Bonuses

One of the biggest benefits of playing poker online is that most poker rooms provide their customers with a number of different opportunities to earn free money. Legal Poker Rooms maintains a list of these free money bonuses as a service to their readers.

Currently, some of the Internet's most established virtual poker websites offer deposit bonuses to first-time players. This deposit bonus generally matches a percentage of the money that a gambler puts into his or her account.