Meet thinkWhere’s Account Manager

Say hello to Stephanie Nulty.

Stephanie has progressed within the company over the last nine years, rising from GIS Analyst to Services Coordinator, and now to Account Manager. Stephanie’s years spent in customer-facing roles, combined with her managerial experience, make her the perfect candidate for a post that is fully customer-centric.

As Account Manager, Stephanie will review the thinkWhere customer experience; building strong relationships with new customers and ensuring that existing customers continue to receive the high level of service that they’re accustomed to.   

"While my previous roles at thinkWhere have always had a customer focus, this newly created role has the customer as its sole focus. I'm going to be able to devote much more time to championing customers' thoughts and requirements to those that don't always get to interact with them directly.

I'm also looking forward to getting a better insight into the ways that customers work, the challenges they face and the ways that GIS can help."

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