Global Asthma Market Research Report 2014-2018

Global Asthma Market 2014-2018 is the latest addition to industry research reports collection.

One trend emerging in this market is the use of combination therapies for the treatment of asthma patients. These therapies can improve patient condition in persistent asthma and act via reduction of the symptoms by controlling inflammation in the respiratory tract.

The Report recognizes the following companies as the key players in the Global Asthma Market: AstraZeneca plc, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline plc, Merck & Co. Inc. and Novartis AG

Other Prominent Vendors in the market are: Abbott, Actavis, Amgen, AptarGroup, Astellas, Aurobindo, Biotest, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Cipla, Cytos, Dainippon Sumitomo, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Glenmark, Medicinova, Mylan, Ono Pharmaceutical, Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Rottapharm Madaus, Skyepharma, Sosei, Sunovion, Teva, Theravance, Vectura

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According to the report, the major driving factor of this market is a rise in the prevalence of environmental pollution. Globalization and urbanization coupled with industrialization lead to an increase in environmental pollution.

Further, the report states that the unknown etiology of the disease is a major challenge to the market which makes it difficult for drug manufacturers to develop a remedy. The underlying causes of asthma are not completely understood, though allergens and pollutants worsen the condition of the patient.

Table of Contents

01. Executive Summary
02. List of Abbreviations
03. Scope of the Report
04. Market Research Methodology
05. Introduction
06. Market Landscape
07. Market Segmentation by Class of Drugs
08. Global Bronchodilators Market
09. Global Leukotriene Antagonists Market
10. Global Mast Cell Stabilizers Market
11. Global Immunosuppressants Market
12. Global Combination of ICS/LABA Market
13. Global Other Asthma Drugs Market
14. Geographical Segmentation
15. Rate of Incidence and Prevalence
16. Buying Criteria
17. Market Growth Drivers
18. Drivers and their Impact
19. Market Challenges
20. Impact of Drivers and Challenges
21. Market Trends
22. Trends and their Impact
23. Vendor Landscape
24. Pipeline Portfolio
25. Key Vendor Analysis
26. Other Reports in this Series

List of Exhibits:

Exhibit 1: Market Research Methodology
Exhibit 2: Global Asthma Market 2014-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 3: Global Asthma Market Segmentation by Class of Drugs
Exhibit 4: Global Asthma Market Segmentation by Class of Drugs 2013
Exhibit 5: Global Bronchodilators Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 6: Global Leukotriene Antagonists Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 7: Global Mast Cell Stabilizers Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 8: Global Immunosuppressants Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 9: Global Combination of ICS/LABA Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 10: Global Other Asthma Drugs Market 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 11: Global Asthma Market by Geographical Segmentation 2013
Exhibit 12: Asthma Market in the US 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 13: Asthma Market in Russia 2013-2018(US$ million)
Exhibit 14: Asthma Market in India 2013-2018 (US$ million)
Exhibit 15: Prescription Trend Chart of the Popular Asthma Drugs in the US 2013
Exhibit 16: Global Asthma Market Share Analysis 2013
Exhibit 17: Global Sales of Symbicort 2009-2012 (in US$ million)
Exhibit 18: Geography-wise Sales of Symbicort 2009-2012 (US$ million)
Exhibit 19: Global Sales of Pulmicort 2009-2012 (US$ million)
Exhibit 20: Geography-wise Sales of Pulmicort 2009-2012 (US$ million)