Why Uniforms Are so Important for a Work Environment

Choosing to use work clothing in your business is more than just an aesthetically pleasing choice. It adds quite a few elements to the work place that are sure to improve employee performance and which have the potential to increase your customer base.

Maslow in the Work Place

Studies have shown that by taking into consideration Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, as it applies to their employees, employers can realize more success in the work place. Company uniforms help to fill needs in a couple of different ways. For one thing, it relieves the employee of the financial burden of having to buy a wardrobe just for work. Since this can reduce their overall financial burden, they are better able to meet other financial needs. Work apparel also creates a sense of belonging, by leveling the playing field and omitting any issues when it comes to personal judgment at a glance.


Naturally there is also the issue of physical safety. Employers have the experience to notice where there might be safety issues with certain types of work apparel, whether it is the safety of the employee or the area they work in. For example, cleanroom supplies should all be debris-free. By providing the work apparel for this area, employers can limit potential contaminants. On the other hand, automotive uniforms limit the risk for personal injury because they don't include any loose, hanging cloth or accessories and are meant to fit the body properly.


Company uniforms make it easy for guests to differentiate between employees and other guests, so that if you are, for example, in a restaurant and want to speak to a manager, they can easily be located, and you won't end up by accident asking a guest for assistance.

It is not just the customer that needs to be able to differentiate, either. Employees who wear company uniforms may find it easier to leave their personal lives at home. Putting on the work uniforms can put them in the mode of the employee, not the mother, wife, father, or other role that they play outside of work. When your employees are in the mode to be an employee, they tend to concentrate on their job more and, as a result, offer higher levels of performance. They may feel a sense of pride as they put the uniform on, making them more eager to work hard for their company.

Customer Relations

By providing work apparel for your employees, you are demonstrating to your customers that you are organized and professional. Think of your own experiences. When you hire someone to work on your house, wouldn't you prefer to have someone show up who can open their van door without a ton of garbage falling out? Even personal hygiene can be disturbing. You are more likely to consider hiring someone who is tidy, because you expect them to be tidy in their work and to know what they are doing. Work uniforms can go a long way toward setting the tone for the impression your employees give the customer. It doesn't matter how skilled they are if the customer is left with a disorganized impression.