EYE Poker Cheating Center Launched Poker Analyzer and Marked Playing Cards for Novice Gamblers

China - EYE Poker Cheating Center, a reputable manufacturer of poker cheating devices, recently launched a range of poker cheating devices that include poker analyzer and many other devices. The owners said that the devices can be used for cheating at games like dice and mahjong and are compliant with Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Andar Bahar and other games. They said that the devices are specially made keeping in mind the needs of the novice gamers. The owners also added that the novice gamers can contact with their support team to know more about how to use tricks and cheats to win in card games.

“Poker games are often played in clubs, casinos and private parties and there are people who want to know more about card games as they do not want to lose. Our Poker analyzer and other cheating devices are specially designed for novices. These analyzers with cameras inside look just like cell phones and they can easily read the barcodes in the marked poker cards. The same information can instantly send the card information to the earpieces that come with these products. Our analyzer can easily learn and memorize more than half a deck of playing cards”, said a marketing manager of the China based manufacturing firm that had earned repute for manufacturing infrared sunglasses and exporting them to the USA and Europe.

“These cheating devices have gone all the rage in recent times and for all the right reasons. The devices make poker gambling fairly easy even for the novices and we think that’s the biggest selling point”, said the CEO of the company. According to him, his company aggressively invests in research and development of different types of gambling cheating devices that come in many forms, including but limited to invisible ink marked mahjong, poker predictor, poker soothsayer and the likes.

About the Company

EYE Poker Cheating Center is a renowned supplier of poker cheating devices.

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