Mainland Home Inspections In Surrey BC Offers Building Home Inspection Solutions

Vancouver BC, 10-APRIL-2014 - Mainland Home Inspections and Angelo Agaloy, CHI, are happy to announce that they offer a number of inspection services for those homeowners who are building a residence. Surrey BC property home inspections are done according to the latest professional standards set by the government and the peer group.

According to Angelo Agaloy, explaining to an interviewer, "We understand that some residences are more likely to leak than others. We check the design of the building to look for features such as inadequate roof overhangs. When the walls are protected from rain, they are less likely to deteriorate and develop leaks. Another feature that is checked is the size of the drains on decks and balconies. They tend to plug easily if they are too small."

He continues, "We look for evidence of previous repairs, These indicators can include exterior wall patching, caulking in some areas, and water resistant coatings on stucco walls. Our professional team looks for information about existing warranties. The features of the warranty should include water penetration and the length of time left on the warranty. We also determine if any repairs are covered by the warranty."

Home owners and prospective owners should always ensure that a professional home inspection is in place before the closing occurs. A full inspection will take four to five hours and will produce a detailed report. Digital photos are provided where there are problem areas. The pros can also give an opinion about the likelihood of problems developing, given the construction features.

Learn more about the reasons for insisting upon a qualified inspection by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others with additional questions regarding the contents of this specific press release are invited to contact Angelo Agaloy at the location offered below.

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