Lowe Campbell Ewald Creates Social Cryptology Game for U.S. Navy

DETROIT – APRIL 28, 2014 – Marketing communications agency Lowe Campbell Ewald announced today the launch of Project Architeuthis, a cryptology game that will be activated on the U.S. Navy’s Cryptology & Technology Facebook page. The 18-day game is a fictitious U.S. Navy top-secret weapons system project, designed to attract the type of minds Navy Cryptology is looking to recruit, while simultaneously increasing social traffic.

Project Architeuthis is an innovative way to interact with a niche target,” said Kathleen Donald, COO of Lowe Campbell Ewald. “The Internet is home to communities of people who enjoy complicated, story-based puzzle solving as a recreational pastime. Among them exists the kind of minds Navy Cryptology is looking to attract. Games like this are a smart and engaging way to increase social traffic with intelligent, problem-solving people.”

“We’re always looking for creative ways to engage with young men and women, especially those who may be interested in the exciting work we do around the world,” said Cmdr. Brent Phillips, Director of U.S. Navy Recruiting Marketing and Advertising. “Using people’s natural curiosity to solve problems provided an interesting avenue to share a little bit about the dedication our Sailors have as part of America’s Navy.”

The plot of Project Architeuthis challenges intelligent, problem-solving individuals to track down a mysterious enemy who has captured the chief architect of a top-secret weapon in order to build their own. The enemy believes their plan is foolproof, but they didn’t count on one thing: a fast-thinking and brave Navy Cryptologist sneaking aboard their getaway sub. Hiding in secret, the Navy Cryptologist has only one way to send her messages: through social media. Using all her skills, her goal is to give away the enemy position so her fellow sailors will come to the rescue. Since social media is her only method of communication, it invites the public to try to crack her encrypted codes.

On the U.S. Navy’s social media sites, the storyline will play out through a number of puzzles, each more challenging than the one before. The puzzles will be presented to the problem-solving community each day, with the exception of a couple of “catch-up” days along the way. Throughout the course of the game, Lowe Campbell Ewald will create a cast of fictitious characters with fictitious social media footprints and backgrounds. These characters will add depth and texture to the game’s story and provide hints to puzzles that prove to be too difficult.  

When the final clue is presented to the community on the 18th day, an email address will also be provided. The first 10 people to provide the correct solution to the puzzle will be deemed winners of Project Architeuthis.  

The puzzles were designed by a group of people who make a living creating high-profile puzzles: Robert Leighton, Mike Shenk, and Amy Goldstein, who together make up the company Puzzability. While many of the puzzles are designed to be completed alone, some will require help from the rest of the community to complete.  This will leave only the smartest cryptologists with the ability to finish the game unassisted.  

Project Architeuthis
will begin on April 28 and conclude on May 15.

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