Improve Lubrication In Genital Passage Using Herbal Product

Inadequate lubrication of reproductive organ before lovemaking shows the woman is not completely interested in it. It is psychological sign where the body is not ready for it because it is not properly aroused. There are many women who say they love their partner and want to get physical, but their bodies are not permitting. If a male tries to insert into a dry reproductive opening of the female body, it can be hurting to both the partners. The problem of poor lubrication is linked to negative emotions such as anxiety or guilt. It can also be caused by use of medications. However, many herbal supplements are available in market that provide immediate relief from the problem and to improve lubrication in genital passage using herbal supplements Lady Secret Serum can be used.

There are various lubricants available in the market but herbal serum are considered best for the problem because these serum work in a natural manner and do not provide any harm or pain in the process. It is easy and safe to improve lubrication in genital passage using herbal supplements such as Lady Secret Serum because it is plant-based product that contains herbs having properties to enhance lubrication of the organ.

There are different categories of lubricants available in market that can be applied on the reproductive organ for enhancing lubrication for reducing pain caused by dryness such as -

1. Water based lubricant - Water based lubricants are considered safe because it does not cause any rashes or irritation to the skin. Water based lubricant is easy on skin and it does not cause spotting of clothes. It dissolves in water and is absorbed by the skin. It can be applied whenever needed.

2. Silicone based lubricants - It is not absorbed by the skin and sometimes, it can create complexity if the partner is using condom.

3. Oil based lubricants - These can cause irritation and the condoms slip when oil based lubricants are used. It affects the condoms reliability and reduces its flexibility. It raises the risk of slip off. It can even cause spotting of clothes afterwards.

One should be careful and use lubricants that do not cause skin irritation or infections. The lubricant should be easy on skin. It should not release anything that reacts with condom causing inconvenience to both the partners. Herbal supplement such as Lady Secret Serum is considered superior lubricant as there are various benefits of using it, as -

1. It balances the fluid secretion in the organ. If the fluid is produced in excess (e.g. by over excitement), it can control its volume and if the fluid is less, it enhances its secretion to lubricate the organ.

2. It improves suppleness and increases sensation. 

3. It reduces the problem of drying caused by ageing.

4. It has reviving properties. 

5. It reduces problems of infections and irritation.

6. It reduces pain or rashes in the organ.

One can use plant-based compounds to improve lubrication in genital passage using herbal supplements and Lady Secret Serum is an effective lubricant that improves the skin tone and also enhances elasticity of the organ.

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