Cool Shine- The finest manufacturer of wax and nose pore strips.

(January 2, 2014) — Cool Shine is a dedicated professional manufacturer, supplier and distributor of depilatory wax strips and nose strips in a variety of different types and makes. Wax strips are a necessity in every beauty salon, waxing studios and home waxing to carry out the common hygiene practice of waxing of unwanted hair. Cool Shine wax strips or rolls are the best available in the market today. The all-inclusive ODM/OEM services offered by Cool Shine enables salons and others interested in rebranding Cool Shine’s products as their own and then using it. Basically, the task of developing the products will be vested with Cool Shine and the salons can enjoy using these high quality products. The products have garnered immense recognition in US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and more.


The main benefits of Cool Shine wax strips and nose strips includes:-

  • High quality products
  • Wax strips for different body parts
  • Wax strips with different ingredients
  • Two types of nose strips
  • Offers private labeled products for salons
  • Wide-range of OEM/ODM services
  • Daily production output of wax strips- 800000 pieces
  • Daily production output of nose strips- 600000 pieces


Cool Shine attempts to provide a complete, hassle-free service to all its clients all over the world by offering three fundamental services that include private label, contract manufacturing and packaging. They are professionals in this field and provide products at the most reasonable rates to help salons be in the competition. With the help of professional design experts, Cool Shine guarantees to deliver appealing package designs.


The product line up by Cool Shine comprises of an elaborate list of wax strips for different body parts such as face depilatory, body depilatory, bikini depilatory and so on.  It also consists of wax strips with different ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado, and more. The nose strips consists of charcoal nose strips and nose pore strips.


Cool Shine suppliers are in the industry since years and by understanding the market potential that their products possess, they have expediently spread their network worldwide. Their mission now is to cooperate with partners in Middle East, Europe and America. They are also open to providing free samples to clients who are interested in purchasing the products. Their website,, is an informative online space for all the information on the company and products.


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