Kirana Strengthens Aged Care Courses

Kirana, a leading training and enterprise development organisation, strengthens their aged care courses, offering promising career pathways. The organisation discusses how qualified students can enrol in Certificate III orCertificate IV programs.

[Liverpool, March 21, 2014] – The aged care industry is a growingindustry in Australia. Kirana, a highly respected registered training organisation in the country, helps qualified individuals start a career through their aged care courses. By helping students develop the necessary skills to perform quality care and accomplish other tasks, students can meet industry standards and qualify for their dream jobs.

Certificate III in Aged Care

The premier training and enterprise development organisation notes that Certificate III in Aged Care or CHC30212suits individuals planning to care for elderlies in aged care facilities. According to Kirana, the program helps students develop the necessary skills to assist others in performing personal care and other activities of daily living. Students will also learn to follow and understand career plans.

Entry requirements for this program include a criminal record check and satisfactory completion of a literacy, numeracy and language test.To receive Certificate III in Aged Care, the registered training organisation explains that students must complete ten core units and four elective units. 

Certificate IV in Aged Care

Certificate IV in Aged Care or CHC40108 fits individuals who are ready to move up and become supervisors in different facilities. In this course, students will learn to carry out the activities related to aged care with some autonomy. Students with Certificate IV in Aged Care can become care team leaders and supervisors, program coordinators, day activity workers and assistant hostel supervisors.

To qualify for this program, individuals must have a Certificate III in Aged Care or any equivalent certificate. Furthermore, Kirana notes that applicants must be willing to undergo a criminal record check and complete a literacy, language and numeracy assessment.

The Kirana Difference

Kirananotes that what makes the organisation unique is they also help individuals grow by offering promising career opportunities. The organisation provides flexible learning options and funded programs. Kirana connects students with employers who offer valuable work experiences. With top assessors and renowned industry trainers heading their programs, Kirana makes sure that students canprogress successfully.

About Kirana

Kirana is a premier training and enterprise development organisation based in Liverpool, Australia. The institution offers diploma, advanced diploma and certificate courses for leading industries, such as Aged Care, Business & Management, Children’s Services, Retail and Warehousing & Transport. Kirana also offers funded training programs, including ACT Priorities Support Program, VET FEE-HELP, and Certificate 3 Guarantee.

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