Membership Perks from Javan Restaurant

[Los Angeles, January 2, 2014] –Javan Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles that serves Persian cuisine, gives customers a more pleasurable dining experience by offering special discounts, perks, and privileges to its members. Customers who sign up with the restaurant’s club will get to enjoy all the specials and events at the restaurant through the year.

Persian cuisine is one that often gets overshadowed by its more popular cousins, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking. Outside of Tehran, Persian cooking is gaining more popularity in big cities such as Los Angeles, which boasts the largest number of Persian denizens with almost a million. Quite a few Persian restaurants have popped up in the LA food scene, and Javan Restaurant is proving to be one of the best.

Membership Perks

Javan Restaurant serves feel-good food of the motherland, giving everyone a chance to taste and savor the flavors of Iran, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean right in the heart of LA. The restaurant makes its customers’ dining experience better through the membership privileges it offers.

Customers who join Javan’s EClub and Cadbanoo’s Table will get to enjoy the chef’s special cooking, at special offers. People who sign up will receive regular email updates about the restaurant’s upcoming specials and events throughout the year. They will also have access to discounts, reservations, valet parking, and other services. The restaurant also gives members a complimentary meal during the month of their birthday, making their celebration more special.

An Authentic Mediterranean Menu

Javan offers an authentic and delicate blend of flavors and dishes that reflects the diversity of Iran’s different provinces. Each dish features the distinct and unique culinary traditions, flavors, and food styles of the region. Their menu includes an array of salads, pastries, and drinks specific to the different provinces of Iran.

The restaurant is perfect for individuals, small groups, and even families. Customers can find different dishes made with meats, fish, and foul, prepared with a mix of herbs, spices, nuts, and distinct Persian flavorings. All their offers are also available for takeout, delivery and catering services.

About Javan Restaurant

Javan Restaurant is one of the top food establishments in Los Angeles serving fine, authentic Persian cuisine. This family establishment has been serving LA and nearby places with Middle Eastern cuisine with influences from Indian fare since opening its doors in 1986. It has nurtured a loyal clientele that draws comfort from its humble Persian cooking.

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