Who's in Charge? The Painful Truth for Enterprises

A new e-guide reveals what many enterprises secretly know but are afraid to admit: Customers are better at doing business than they are – and they've got better technology. Published by PSS Help, A guide to Innovation and Customer Power explains how companies can turn this new reality to their advantage.

The e-guide highlights the 'Customer Power' phenomenon and soaring expectations, driven by consumer tech, dynamic apps, online comparisons, reviews and social media. Citing examples from Netflix, Tesco, Lloyds Bank and others, the report explains how massive shifts in customer behavior are impacting business.

More specifically, empowered customers are now judging companies according to the performance of their contact centers – and whether they can keep pace with consumer demands, notes the e-guide, which is essential reading for CEOs and executives in Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Delivery and Customer Service.

"A joined-up customer experience across multiple channels is becoming the norm, at least in the customer’s eye. If you don’t meet these expectations, customers can now find someone who will," warns co-authors Tony Porter, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing at PSS, and Morris Pentel, Chairman of the Customer Experience Foundation.

However, the authors caution against getting into a costly and disastrous 'arms race' with consumers. Companies should swim with the tide – rather than fight it. That way, the consumer-driven changes can work in their favor.


"The customer device provides more functionality at a much lower cost. Businesses can exploit this, to achieve high value customer contact with minimal investment in infrastructure," say the authors, who predict that ‘relationship processing’ will increasingly move out of the enterprise and onto consumer devices.


To play their part successfully, contact centers should avoid ripping and replacing their technology stacks, only to watch their new systems become obsolete overnight, says the e-guide. A more pragmatic, targeted approach will focus on adapting what you have already, maximizing stability, integrating channels and supporting services intended for customer devices


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