2015's Wedding Grooming Tips for Grooms and Their Best Men

While the bride and her entourage tend to get the most attention when it comes to wedding attire, what the groom and his best men wear is just as important. For every self-respecting guy who wants to make sure that he and his crew are styled appropriately, we've put together this list of wedding trends for 2015:

·         Get your hair cut a week before the wedding – Unless you're sporting a buzz cut, it's best to get your hair cut and your neck trimmed at least a week before the ceremony. That will give you time to go back to the barber if it needs any adjustments and to figure out how to groom it just right. You also don't want to try anything too crazy or go for a kind of cut you've never had before. Stick with what you know (and what you know you can make look good). Also, be sure to wash your hair with fortifying shampoo the night before to give your hair a clean, but lived-in look.

·         You don't have to wear black – While a nice black suit never truly goes out of style, many grooms these days are going with something a little less traditional. Brown, beige, and off-black suits with pinstripes or yellow accents are in this year, and depending on what the bride is wearing, may make a better color match than a stuffy penguin suit. If you're going with a jacket and pants made from higher-grade materials like silk, you can also go for a metallic or textured weave. Just be sure that your style coordinates well with the bride's, and that she approves of the design. If the bride is dressing up for the groom, the groom needs to do the same!

·         Go retro – 2015 is already big into 70s retro, and that trend extends to weddings, too. Classic tailored suits with boot cuts and wide lapels are hot right now, and will give your wedding attire a nice bit of flashy style.

·         Use accessories to add color – Another 2015 trend is for the men of the wedding party to go for something a little more colorful in their accoutrements. Try spicing things up by switching out the necktie for a colorful neckerchief. Neckerchiefs are a great, nontraditional way to add more accented colors to your wedding clothes, helping the groom and his men stand out from the usual bland groomsman attire. Boutonnières are also a nice way to add a bit of color, as are colored socks. Don't shy away from bolder colors, either, as long as they match the scheme of your ensemble and the overall look of the wedding.

·         Accessorize with fine men's jewelry – Adding some stylish cufflinks or other men's designer jewelry is a great way to complete your wedding suit, and will add an extra level of refinement and class to even the most informal suit.

Of course, looking good for a wedding goes beyond just picking the right clothes. Be sure to clip your nails, trim your beard, give yourself an appropriate level of skin care the day before the wedding, and wear nice cologne during the actual event.


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