Du lich Phu Quoc and gain a unique experience

The best experiences and moments of enjoyment make our life full with joy and memories. You will enjoy these things when you du lich Phu quoc (travel to Phu Quoc) and the Phu Quoc Hotel is a place that is going to present you some wonder experience that you would treasure for a long time. The resorts in the island offer a number of services and fun filled activities to choose from which fulfills the commitment of the concept of memorable holidays. 


Beach activities as snorkeling, diving, scuba diving, jet-water skiing, deep sea fishing or simple kite flying are offered at Phu Quoc Hotel at beaches like Bai Thong. You can enjoy them alone or with friend and family. These challenging sport activities would surely leave you tired with excitement. One of the best among these is jet-water skiing which is available in some of the resorts on Long Beach and some Jet Skis and Kayaks are available on Bao Sao beach.

Phu Quoc Hotel provides scuba diving sessions supervised by professional experts. It is recommended that you take help of one such experts to enjoy the sport safely. All dive operators in the area are run by professional diving instructors and dive masters with years of experience. Diving sites include An Thoi Archipelago and Doi Mo. Scuba diving around Phu Quoc is perfect for all types of divers.

You can hire a motor bike to ride upon the scenic roads and streets which offer a panoramic view of the entire islands and live the experience of du lich Phu Quoc. These are usually available in the north of the island. You can hire a boat and go just go out into the wide unknown and get yourself busy fishing. Squid fishing at night is a favourite outdoor activity at Phu Quoc Hotel and island. Again you can travel into the thick jungles and go trekking on the mountains but before you do that make sure you take all the necessary precautions and if possible (recommended) take a local for a guide. 

While du lich Phu Quoc island you are sure to be intrigued with interesting shopping options for you to buy some souvenirs while on holiday. The best places to shop at affordable prices are to be found around the local markets in Duong Dong and An Thoi towns. However, you have the option of going to the local markets not only to buy the local products but also to enjoy a warm crowd of people. Then you can visit the resort shops, the pearl shops and the craft shops. Unique shopping items include fish sauce and pearls though one is not allowed to carry fish sauce on the planes. 

Finally a du lịch Phú Quốc will not be complete without a visit to the temples and other historical places of interest like the Dinh Cua Rock also known as the Cua Temple or the Hung Long Tu Pagoda. A visit to the legendary magic well will also be worth its while to make your experience complete. Phu Quoc Hotels and their friendly staff will take every effort to make your vacation enjoyable and hassle free.

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