Affluent Wealth International Teaches Clients How to Deal with Effects of Tumbling Yuan

Affluent Wealth International Teaches the Unspoken Language of Wealth and How to Protect It Against the Uncertainties of the Global Economy

New York, August 14, 2015. Affluent Wealth International does something that no other organization does:  it teaches people the unspoken language of wealth.

People often ask what does the “unspoken language of wealth” really mean?  Essentially, the wealthy have circles of influence readily accessible to them, experts in every field, captains of industry, networks of high powered attorneys and accountants...people that normal people just do not have access to.  Affluent Wealth International brings those very experts to you, the normal, average person, in a classroom setting, and teaches you the language that is only known by the wealthy…and the rules that they live by…rules that are not known by the average person.  Affluent Wealth International makes that kind of rarified information available to individuals on their schedule and in their timeframe.  New entrepreneurs or successful business people alike receive the kind of knowledge unavailable anywhere else and implement it in ways that sows the seeds of incredible success.


Affluent Wealth International’s founder has been a multimillionaire more than once.  He’s also been broke more than once and the way he “recovered” his multi-millionaire status was by making every hard experience and seemingly insurmountable obstacle teachable moments.  And using his circle of influence.  He has been at the pinnacle of success, lost it all, and during the recovery process, he learned how to protect his assets.  This kind of knowledge doesn’t exist in Masters’ classes and isn’t taught at Wharton or Harvard Business Schools.  The circles of influence and connections made by successful people lay the foundation for information inaccessible to the masses.  This is exactly how the founder of Affluent Wealth International put together the curriculum for his progressive, one of a kind educational program.  More importantly, it works, as proven by thousands of clients.


Affluent Wealth International is all about making everyday people incredibly wealthy.  If you are willing to commit some money and a great deal of time to changing your life completely and learning how to achieve wealth and more importantly, protect it, on your schedule, direct inquiries to