Alan Dershowitz Praises United Hatzalah, Criticizes Obama's Foreign Policy on Making A Difference With Keith Singer

Miami, Florida

Tune in to Prosper with Keith Singer on Easter Sunday, April 5th. Keith will air a provocative interview with famed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz, an acclaimed Attorney, Author and Political Commentator, discusses on Keith's special segment, Making A Difference, his philanthropy and board membership on behalf of the rescue organization United Hatzalah. Dershowitz praises the organization for having developed "the fastest rescue mechanism in the world and "making a difference," in terms of saving lives.

Mr. Dershowitz also voiced his concerns about President Obama's current negotiations with Iran. Dershowitz said, "the Obama Administration in its negotiations and fervor to get a deal with Iran risks creating an arms race." Dershowitz added, "Iran should not be trusted with nuclear weapons."   

Dershowitz also discussed his upcoming book releases. The interview with Alan Dershowitz will air at 10:45 am on 610 WIOD.   

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