U.S. Housing Development Permits are on the Rise

Austin, TX – The U.S. housing market has taken a beating in recent years. However, housing development permits are on the rise, which is a positive sign for home owners and potential buyers.

According to My Fox Austin, in October home developers submitted applications for the largest number of building permits in five years. For real estate markets around the country, this is welcomed news as most property owners have not seen a full recovery in the value of their homes. There are many people in the marketplace still struggling to cope with the loss of a job or the sub-standard economic recovery.

The collapse of the U.S. housing market in 2008 has taught property owners and seekers that there are risks in the marketplace. Knowing the difference between a good opportunity and a disaster takes insight and experience. Working with a talented real estate agent from a respected firm is the ideal way to enter the housing market.

Habitat Hunters specializes in Austin real estate and provides their clients with a variety of buying and selling services. Whether engaged in residential or commercial transactions, agents work to make sure clientsí best interests are protected. The firm is able to assist with legal issues, notarization and general real estate advice. A list of services is available via at:

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