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Free Word Generator has been developed in order to find different words and various synonyms of a particular single word.


In the competitive market of the recent days people who are in the writing profession thrive for words make their article more attractive and different from others. Not only the writers, has these days having flowery words become the talk of the society. The advertisement companies also wish to include various synonyms of a popular word to attract customers and dealers towards them. Even the students want to get introduced to new words and use them in different ways. The wishes have been fulfilled by the technology and the new recent era wished to provide the new generation with the enhancement of all types of facilities.


There have been a lot of games on the internet and mobiles that entertains the users. One of the games of the devices is the word games. These games are the games of word finder. Here the user finds various different types of words by simply putting letters. The games are there for enjoyment and also for the learning process of the user. Though the users are more into the entertainment side as it is a game but the game equally provides them the learning of many words at the same time.


These word builder games entertain the user and at the same time also help them to come up with a huge collection of new words.  These are also the games used in the mobile devices as well as the internet.


Free Word Generator is an extraordinary instructive programming device that permits clients to essentially include letters, and then produce all the conceivable words in the English reference work. Picking the prefix or postfix by letter is an incredible approach to find, for samples, all the conceivable letters that start with "A". Free Word Generator is additionally an incredible path for children in school to grow their vocabulary.


A user of the application says, “I have downloaded the program on my system and it has proved a great way to teach myself as well as teach my children”.


The application has been made in such a way that it has compatibility with a large number of operating systems. The program is very much compatible with the operating system of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Apart from XP and Vista the program is also applicable to the Operating system of Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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