Veemee – Let's make virtual friends!

Design your own 3D virtual friend with this Android Live Wallpaper App.

Google will be featuring the Veemee Live Wallpaper app on the Play Store from 23rd-30th May 2015

Veemee has launched two game-changing personalization apps – Veemee Live Wallpaper & Veemee Creator – available now from the Android Play Store.

The Veemee apps redefine how we think about our Android device’s Home Screen, by placing a 3D avatar front and centre of your phone UI and bringing your device to life. This never-before-seen concept allows users to create incredible personalized 3D characters, dress them in the virtual store and then export them to their Android desktop to act as a virtual playmates. Watch as your Veemee makes your phone their home - reacting to your actions and the digital data around them - including the weather, incoming calls & the music you play.

You’ve never seen anything quite like this before!

And that’s not all; the Veemee Live Wallpaper also incorporates an all-new patent pending ‘Think Links’ feature to serve up a daily dose of fun and relevant links as thoughts via your Veemee character. 

Veemee Live Wallpaper App features:

  • 8 cool pre-made Veemees that can live on your device
  • Interact with them in ever expanding ways – try shaking, poking or throwing them around. There are always loads of new animations and interactions to discover.
  • Check out what your Veemee is thinking by tapping on their ‘Think Links’ with new categories of thoughts every day.
  • Awesome visual effects and Veemee animations in response to your local weather forecast.
  • Play any music and watch your Veemee get down and dance!

Veemee Creator App features:

  • The best looking 3D avatar creator on mobile?
  • Acts as a companion app to the Veemee Live Wallpaper and allows full customization of your Veemee character.
  • An ever-expanding virtual store of clothing and costumes to dress your Veemee, including real world brands.
  • Share your Veemees with friends by taking a picture direct from the app.
  • Import any picture image as a background or take new ones to personalize your Veemee’s world.
  • Create a Veemee account and receive 2000 free gems to spend on virtual fashions!

Kirk Ewing, Creative Director of Veemee - “We want nothing less than to reinvent the avatar for the mobile generation, allowing people to create an amazing 3D character, then set it free into their existing digital life. Everyone needs a friend in life and our goal is to make it a virtual one.”