Of Bricks and Walls that Don't Stand Straight at All!

You must have seen houses made of glass, houses made of grass, of stones, of rags, and what not, but there exist some buildings in the world that despite of having the basic ingredients of bricks, stones, glass, et al., have something unusual about them. Something, that you might not get to see anywhere around in the normal houses. So if you are bitten by the bug of art and architecture, then get ready to ponder in awe on finding out the most bizarre buildings ever built in the world. The list here might be short, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get exploring, crazy traveller!

Here’s a small list of the most famous, bizarre buildings around the world (in no particular order). And yes, you can actually go inside these. Do not be scared, buddy!

Bank of Asia, Bangkok

Built back in 1985, the architect of the Bank of Asia wanted to this building to portray the modernization of the banking industry. The outcome looks like a robot, that one might find in a computer game in 1985 or before that. Complete with eyes, an antennae, and a square shaped torso, the configuration of this building unquestionably represents the graphical capacity that PCs had in 1985. So start looking for the cheapest Mumbai to Bangkok flights, and along with a shopping spree, take a tour around this strange looking structure. 

2. Forest Spiral, Hundertwasser Building, Germany

The Hundertwasser house, known as the Forest Spiral, was built somewhere around 1998 and 2000. Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the well known Austrian planner and painter, is broadly prestigious for his progressive, bright architectural style, which also incorporates the onion-formed domes. The structure with 105 lofts, wraps around an arranged yard with a running stream. Up in the turret at the southeast corner, there is an eatery, with a cocktail bar.

3. La Pedrera, Spain

La Pedrera or the Casa Mila, is in Barcelona, Spain. The entire structure of this housing complex is intriguing, for it was planned by Antoni Gaudí and was built especially built for a married couple. It is an exceptional, yet smart building, thought to be very unusual, for there isn’t a single straight line here! Guests can go to the top floor, the storage room and rooftop and have a thorough view of the perfect work of art!

4. Winchester House, San Jose, California

This Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester arms fortune, who believed that the confusing layout of the home and the continually changing design would befuddle the spirits of the dead who tried to harm her. She demanded that the development teams never quit adding to her home, and so they didn't for thirty-eight years! The outcome was a 160-room manor with three lifts, 47 chimneys, stairways that prompt no place, and precious Tiffany windows that blocked any sunlight! Sounds mysterious, actually!

5. National Centre for Performing Arts, China

The National Center for the Performing Arts, in China took almost six years to complete. It began in 2001 with the help of Paul Andreu and was done in 2007. In any case, all the time during its painstaking construction, it seemed all worth it, considering the outcome. The building today, looks like a giant egg, laying in an artificial lake, all made of titanium and glass. Truly stunning!

If these cannot entice you to explore and travel the man-made wonders around the world, then god knows what will! Get up, pack your bags, and check out these amazing structures out there!