What does the Official Green Coffee Bean Extract offer?

With weight loss being an imminent problem in today’s society with constant increase in the number of people who struggle with this every day, it is no wonder that so many pharmaceutical companies have begun conducting research on better ways of alleviating the pandemic that is obesity. It is always good to have a choice when it comes to supplements – and with that, explanations to back up why they are ideal.

What’s New?

A new innovation in weight loss is the Official Green Coffee Bean Extract, which, unlike its other competitors in the weight loss supplement industry, is not easily strayed from. The Official Green Bean Coffee Extract is the first and only of its kind that uses the ingredients it contains, the only one with its original packaging, and the only one that offers a full 30 day supply with 60 capsules. Aside from the lack of competition, the Official Green Coffee Extract is also proven safe by being manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the USA.

Always Buy Official

Through their astounding success, many companies have attempted to replicate the formula for The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract, but to no avail. Other pharmaceutical companies’ versions prove substantially less effective than that of the Official Green Coffee Bean Extract’s product. At this, the competitors try to market their versions at seemingly cheaper prices but by ultimately reducing the number of capsules in a pack, making the supply last for less time than its intended use.

What’s in it?

Only the best ingredients available, and 100% pure Official Green Coffee Bean Extract. It contains 800mg of GCA which is the official recommended dose for the Official Green Coffee Bean Extract. Competitors, as previously mentioned, do not adhere to standards as they only use 400mg of GCA in their product – half the official recommended amount. The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract contains Chlorogenic Acid, a natural ingredient found in coffee beans that work by stopping the enzyme that enables the function of glucose formation in the liver.

Proof that it Works

A clinical trial was conducted by the researchers at the Official Green Coffee Bean Extract Company. Researchers followed a group of 16 consenting adults who were supplied with Chlorogenic Acid at different rates and doses. These subjects were followed over a period of 12 weeks, slowly having Chlorogenic Acid. At the end of the study, factual information has shown that all 16 participants lost a total of 17 pounds which was roughly 10% of their body weight.

The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract is definitely worth every cent. Give it a try and you surely won’t regret it. Ironically speaking, you’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain – if you give this product a second thought you might end up with pounds to lose and nothing to gain. This product has scientific proof of its effects; it has been compared with many like it but still comes out on top. Try it and see for yourself!