The art of flower-making: local women learn a skill from their ancestors

A flower making class was taught last night at the 789 Wellness Center. The class was used as a sober support group activity that was open to the community. Those in attendance came to learn the skill of their parents' parents.
“I remember listening to my dad tell us of his mom and her friends who would sit around late winter to work on flowers for Memorial day because they didn’t have the money to buy any, so instead they made them,” April Goggles said.
The beautiful story took the class back in time, created great conversations, memories, and laughs.
Some of the women in attendance were celebrating the birthday of their grandmother and mother who passed on just a few years ago, a woman who was no stranger to the art of making flowers.
The class was coordinated by Arlene Santillanes of the 789 Wellness Center behind the 789 truck stop. Usually, she teaches this every year, but it almost wasn’t held this year.
“I wasn’t going to do it this year,” Arlene stated. “But I was asked to have a class andI decided to set up a few.”
With memorial day only a few short days away, these women can now decorate their loved one’s graves with some of their beautiful art and continue to use their new skill in the future.