Boat & RV Storage of 130sqft Available with Seaport Storage at Monthly Rental of $260.00

Well-known RV and boat storage facility Seaport Storage Center is offering a medium storage space of 130sqft for its customers at an affordable rate of $260. One can choose from a variety of other medium and small storage spaces available, and also choose to reserve a moving truck facility.
Well-known RV and boat storage facility Seaport Storage Center which provides storage space to small or new businesses and satellite offices, is offering space of 130sqft at a monthly rental of 260 US dollars. It is a third floor facility falling under the category of medium storage unit. The specifications of the facility is 10”*13” and safety measures like security alarms are available within. To select a medium storage lesser than this, one can also opt for the 90sqft storage which is located on the 2nd floor and provides similar conveniences. The charge for the 10”*9” medium storage is 190 US dollars.
The CEO and official spokesperson for the company says, “We are the largest boat and RV storage company in the country and the idea is to facilitate moving for people by making it safe and easy. We have small, medium, and large storage units with us; beginning with as little as 50sqft or less and often going up to 260sqft or more. This variety helps us to ensure that each kind of space is available which a customer can reserve depending upon his needs.”

Seaport Storage Center also offers truck rental facilities. The service of a truck and a driver can be availed for free if one is reserving a new space with the company; however, the service is also open for other people including old customers. On the payment of $29.95, one can reserve a truck with a driver in case one is not booking a storage space with the company. To simplify matters for people who may want to self-drive the trucks; the company’s vehicles are such that they can be operated by anyone who holds a valid driving license and is over the age of 18. A separate commercial driver’s license is not required.
As the official spokesperson correctly points out, “Some people may prefer moving their stuff themselves. A truck driver’s service is useless in that case. But if the vehicle is commercial, one cannot drive it away simply. To solve this issue, our trucks in operation are such that they can be used by our consumers without having to bother about a commercial license. They can drive their things anywhere they want.”

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About Seaport Storage Center

Seaport Storage Center started business in 1983 as a RV and boat storage facility. Owner Dave Brett realized the potential of this centrally located Redwood City property which had been purchased as a neglected yard in 1998. In 30 years, Brett’s business acumen and experience has made the company grow tremendously and it now offers not only a new concept in storage, but also a host of unique amenities to customers in the surrounding areas.

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