Jewellery with Your Month Birthstones

Whether you want to find some unique handmade jewellery NZ for you or you need something special to gift to someone else, semi-precious stones are the best choice you can make. These natural and exquisite gems are not only beautiful, but they also carry a meaning depending on their talismanic powers. Every person can have a special talisman that is associated with the month in which she was born.

Semi-precious stones are charming because of theirnatural vitality and purity. Unlike precious stones, they can be found more often in nature. But just because they are more common than diamonds, rubies or sapphires, it doesn’t mean that they are less precious. On the contrary, when they are included in beautiful handmade jewelleries, they can carry a special meaning and the person that will receive them is going to fall in love with them immediately. Even more, these stones can be kept in a natural state, which gives them an untamed elegance.

Semi-precious gems can be associated with every month of the year and they carry a special meaning for the person wearing them. They are called birthstones and their first mentioning dates back to 1400 B.C. in the Book of Exodus. Depending on each stone, they are thought to carry a talismanic power. Some of them bring luck, others health and protection, while some others can bring abundance. Every culture can have a different list of stones associated with each month. There is a Modern Birthstone list, a Traditional list, a Mystical Birthstone list and anAyurvedicone, which is also the oldest.These gems can even correspond to a certain zodiac sign.

Birthstones make a meaningful gift, especially if the person that is going to receive your gift is in love with jewelleries and accessories. If you are looking for a nice birthday gift that is also personalized, there is nothing more appropriate than some handmade jewellery NZ with a birthstone. Finding out which stone is appropriate for someone is not difficult at all. For example, according to the official list adopted by the American Association of Jewellers, the birthstone for February is the Amethyst. This is a stone that is believed to bring protection and spiritual growth for the person that is wearing it. It is the “Stone of Sobriety”, which symbolizes courage, intuition, stability and contentment.

From pure and joyful regional stones to mystical gems that come from the mine of Cleopatra, you can find the perfect gift by searching online. When shopping at the Devil In A Skirt, a New Zeeland jewellery provider, you will find a wide range of handmade jewellery NZ.Each of these jewels is designed to value the untamed gemstones that come from all over the world. Unlike mass-produced jewellery, these handmade designs have a vitality and elegance that make them unique.

You can findout which are the most appropriate   birthstones     for each month and you can be sure that Devil In A Skirt has the perfect   handmade jewellery NZ    for you!