Global Specialty Biocides Market Analysis and Forecasts,2016-2020

Report: Global Specialty Biocides Market 2016-2020 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Report Outline: Specialty biocides are microorganisms or chemical substances that are used to control and prevent the damage to manufactured or natural products.

Specialty biocides are categorized into:
• Antimicrobials: Includes antibiotics, germicides, antivirals, antibacterials, antiprotozoals, antifungals, and antiparasitics
• Pesticides: Includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, molluscicides, and algicides
It is important to differentiate between biocidal product and biocidal active substance while discussing specialty biocides. Biocidal products consist of one or more active substances and may contain other non-active co-formulants that guarantee the efficiency and the preferred color, odor, pH, and viscosity of the final product. Biocidal active substances are chemicals or microorganisms.

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Market Growth:

The global specialty biocides market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.01% during the period 2016-2020.

Key Vendors:

  •  AkzoNobel
  • BASF
  • Clariant
  • Cortec
  • Lonza
  • Thor
  • Troy
  • Other Prominent Vendors:

  •  Baker Hughes
  • Buckman Laboratories
  • GE Water & Process Technologies
  • Kemira
  • Lanxess
  • Lubrizol
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • The Dow Chemical
  • Regions Covered:

  •  North America
  • APAC
  • Europe
  • ROW
  • Companies Mentioned

    AkzoNobel, BASF, Clariant, Cortec, Lonza, Thor, Troy, Baker Hughes, Buckman Laboratories, GE Water & Process Technologies, Kemira, Lanxess, Lubrizol, Sigma-Aldrich, The Dow Chemical.


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