Dental Implant Solutions for Better Oral Health from Dr. Markzar

[Beverly Hills, January 15, 2014] – Dr. Sam Markzar, a trusted periodontist and dental implant specialist in California, offers innovative solutions for missing teeth. According to him, losing teeth can alter the appearance of patients and affect their self-esteem. Missing teeth can also affect the patients’ way of living, as they may find it difficult to speak and eat. Dental implants from Dr. Markzar are great alternatives to traditional dental solutions, such as bridges and dentures.

Dr. Markzar understands the growing need for dental implant specialists offering affordable and effective services. With over 178 million Americans missing at least one tooth and approximately 35 million without any teeth, Dr. Markzar aims to help bring the numbers down through his advance dental implant solutions.

Implant Solutions

Dental implants aim to restore the look and function of a person’s natural teeth. Made to fuse with the bone, these fixed replacements provide a secure foundation that allows patients to smile, eat, and speak with confidence.

Dr. Markzar replaces one or more missing teeth through dental implants. The esteemed periodontist and his team of specialists also offer permanent teeth replacements for all missing teeth in the lower and upper dentition.

State-of-the-Art Technology

To provide the best services for their patients, Dr. Markzar uses the latest technology and diagnostic equipment in the industry. By providing accurate dental assessments, Dr. Markzar helps patients make informed choices to manage their oral health problems.

The i-CAT technology provides high-resolution images of the teeth, facial bone structures, and soft tissues, which allows specialists to develop an extensive treatment plan. For greater control over certain surgical procedures, Dr. Markzar uses Piezo Electrics.This helps reduce trauma, bleeding, and downtime, along with more predictable treatment outcomes.

Cost-effective Services

Dr. Markzar understands that cost and quality of treatments are important for patients. To make dental services more affordable to his clientele, he offers special promotions on selected services occasionally. Patients may receive free consultation on periodontal disease and dental implant when they mention the special offer code when they contact the dental office.

As an added service, Dr. Markzar and his dental staff provide referrals to selected HMO and PPO providers across the country. These companies can help patients cover costs for different dental treatments.

About Dr. Sam Markzar

Dr. Sam Markzar received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Biology from the University of Southern California. He continued his studies at the USC School of dentistry, where he also accomplished his Doctorate in Dental Surgery and Oral Medicine. Dr. Sam Markzar specializes in dental implants and is passionate about improving his patients smile and oral health.

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