Frank Bravata Offers Exceptional Tech Support And Managed Services For Long Island Business Owners

Drawing On His Training As An Army Signal and Support Specialist, He and His Staff Engage Clients with Military-Style Discipline and A Process Driven Approach

            Long Island, NY – June 19, 2015 - Looking back, it would be easy to trace the success Frank Bravata has had as Founder and President of Exceptional Tech Support, one of Long Island’s premier IT support and services companies, to that moment at age ten when he took apart and rebuilt his first computer. His official bio cleanly reads, “Being interested in computers and electronics from a young age, Frank naturally gravitated to the technology industry.”

Yet in his mid-20s, having given up his onetime dream of being an Air Force fighter pilot, he was still kicking around, waiting tables, trying to figure out his path. He considered programming for a time, but wa  s bored with it after a college semester of it. He was intrigued by the work a friend of his was doing in networking, but didn’t have the money to go to college to pursue an education in that arena.

Joining the military and earning GI Bill funds for tuition changed everything. Bravata began his professional career in the U.S. Army, training at Fort Gordon, GA - home of the Army’s Signal Corps the largest communications, electronics facility in the free world.  Upon graduation from training, he earned the designation of Signal Support Specialist and spent the next six years working for the 78th Division, helping to oversee the IT infrastructure of the entire Division.

Completing his military contract, Bravata engaged his skills in the private sector, working a “help desk” at Panasonic USA in Torrance, CA, and later as an outsourced consultant for an IT managed service provider for such companies as the Partnership for a Drug Free America back in NYC. Reflecting on this time now, he says that the multi-faceted troubleshooting work he did during this time, combined with his years of military experience is what differentiates him from the many other Managed Service IT providers in his region.

When he launched his managed services provider under its original name, Millennium Technology Services, he felt that “everything clicked, and I finally felt like I was in the right spot.” His goal was simply to provide local businesses unparalleled technical support while drawing upon his military experience to assist clients in bringing military-like discipline to their IT projects and procedures.

The results these past few years speak for themselves, with hundreds of clients – primarily law firms, but also some other small businesses – enjoying systems that are efficient, agile and protected. Clients of Exceptional Tech Support are small businesses with staffs of 20-100 employees.

In early 2012, Bravata’s company was the recipient of a Business Achievement award by the HIA (one of the largest regional trade associations in the country). That same year, CompTIA (the Computer Trade Industry Association) named it as the first Long Island-based recipient of the Managed Services Provider Trustmark. The following year, Bravata became a bestselling author by contributing a chapter called “What IT Should Cost” to an anthology called The Business Owner’s Guide to IT and All Things Digital, which also featured segments from some of the world’s top industry experts.

As part of his ongoing business development, Bravata has always sought to learn from the best. Over the past few years, he has met and learned from several business greats such as: Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank), Robert Herjavec (Shark Tank), author Mike Michalowicz (who invited Bravata to proofread his best-selling book Profit First before it went to press), Dan Kennedy, Dr. Nido Qubein (President of High Point University and Chairman of Great Harvest Bread Company), and many others.

“I’m often asked what makes us unique from other managed services IT providers,” Bravata says, “and I’m inclined to think our superior standards are connected to the instincts for being process driven that comes from my military background. From our installation checklists to our Standard Operating Procedures, everything is precise down to the last detail. It also helps that our networks are all standardized, using the same firewalls and set up the same way. For efficiency’s sake, my team only has to learn one brand of firewall (Sophos), one backup software – and of course, we pick the products and systems that work well.”

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