Advantages of Getting Hard Money Loans from Source Capital in 2015

There are a myriad of private hard money lenders, individuals and entities that provide loans secured by real estate. Like any business, some are good and some are not; but how do you know? What separates a good lender from the rest?  Cost is always a concern for a borrower and the interest rate and fee charged is a significant factor.  However, it is imperative for one to consider that the lender, once the loan is funded, will place a lien on your property and will be “tied” to a borrower throughout the term of the loan.  It is of utmost importance for a borrower to know what they are getting into and with whom. For more info, please call us now at 888-334-6636.


As a state and federally licensed direct lender, Source Capital provides:

  • ·         Experience Since 2006, Source Capital Funding, Inc. has funded over $145MM in loans secured by real estate.  From residential and commercial properties to lot and land financing, the firm has the underwriting knowledge and funding capabilities to close loans.

  • ·         Integrity – Integrity is a unique blend of proven honesty and ethical business principles that are earned over time.  As a Better Business Bureau member since 2007, the company has earned the prestigious “A+ Rating” for its sound business practices. 

  • ·         Reputation – From borrowers to brokers and investors, Source Capital has received numerous testimonials through mail, email and Internet reviews.  We are proud of our impeccable reputation with our clients and know that the relationships built will last a lifetime.

  • ·         Transparency – We believe in full disclosure and educating our clients.  Source Capital ensures that the expectations of its clients are met by communicating all details of the loan process, no matter how small, in order to ensure clarity.  The firm provides all important details in writing from start to finish ensuring clarity and saving valuable time.

  • ·         Customer Service – From the infancy stages of an initial call with a client until the loan is funded, Source Capital is intimately involved in the process.  It is important that clients understand that we are here to help and are available any day during the week to accomplish this. 

  • ·         Fair Terms – Source Capital believes in offering its clients an interest rate and loan they can afford while allowing for the ability to pay back a loan at any time.  We have no prepayment penalties or “junk fees” associated with our loans and fund loans starting at 8.99% fixed rates and a 2% origination fee.

Check out our website to know more about hard money lenders in California, Arizona, Minnesota and Oregon. Let us provide you the capital you need now. Get your loans funded now!