Harris Management's Sister Production Company, Marlo Productions, Secures Rights To "Golden Years"

Marlo Productions, the film and TV production arm, of Harris Management, has secured worldwide rights to develop and sell the new scripted television series, "Golden Years," written by New York based writer and creator, Patrick Cavanagh.

"Golden Years" is a one hour serial television drama about a retired couple that spends their “Golden Years” living in the world’s greatest cities killing the despicable people who live in them.

Dianna Perales Harris, who oversees production for Harris Management and Marlo Productions, sees this project as a great fit for the appetites of TV viewers today. "Right now some of the most popular shows on TV are those that have a sordid edge to them," she said. "And I don't see that changing. This series concept is so interesting and yet fits right in with what viewers are clamoring for, with shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Criminal Minds, Boardwalk Empire and others like that, that show the dark side of human nature, doing so well. To the surprisingly likable couple in this series, what they are doing is a service to humanity, by ridding the cities of pedophiles, wife beaters, swindlers and the like. It's what makes this show so interesting. You are appalled and yet what they are doing tugs just a little at that primal part of us all that wants to see these people pay."

Marlo Productions has not decided which network, channel or TV distributor it will target for the series, but they noted the field is wide open these days with so many cable channels and so many new content providers, like Netflix and others joining the likes of HBO, Showtime and newcomers looking to provide content.

"One step at a time," Perales Harris said. "Today we celebrate that the show's writer trusted us to get this show sold and on the air. We'll begin hammering out the details tomorrow. But we are so very excited about this show and have no doubt it will be on TV soon enough."

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