Maps101, Field Trip Library join the Puffin Academy

Santa Barbara - May 8th 2014

Maps101 and the new Field Trip Library have become the latest addition to the Puffin Academy as approved educational resources. The K-12, cross curricular resource will now be available via the Puffin app which offers one of the fastest mobile browsing experiences available. 

The browser is available for free to K-12 schools and students, but limits the number of educational resources that can be accessed for quality assurance. Available for both IOS and Android users, Puffin Browser comes with an added bonus for Maps101 users in that flash materials such as National Geographic Videos can now be accessed on iPad and other mobile devices from Apple.

Rob Burns, Director of Marketing for, believes this offers new opportunities, particularly for schools who provide iPads or have a 'bring your own device' policy. "Maps101 includes a number of Flash-Based materials that students and teachers love. Our newest product, Field Trip Library, is fully adaptive for iPad use, but some of these materials are used within the field trips to bring locations or events to life and engage the students. Puffin offers the best, most seamless user experience for our audience".

Maps101 subscribers can access the resource through Puffin by first downloading the browser app from the App Store (or Google Play) and then logging in through the Puffin Academy App. 

Those who wish to try Maps101 or Field Trip Library through any browser can do so at