LastHack - Maintaining Open Source Code

Apparently these business people find an idea that they develope a solution for. I guess that's how it all starts. Well, for my interests, maintaining connections with all these different open source projects is a necessity. Having a piece of code to do something intelligently for you is quite a luxury, but what about a system that keeps you up-to-date on what other creative people are doing? Here's where that problem that just bugs you comes in.

The engine itself is up in the air as an idea right now, but I know it needs to do two important things: D.R.Y.(Last) and GPL(Hack). If a system like wolfram alpha exists that can parse data into mathmatica and solve it, then a system like lasthack can parse a bug and find the clues for a developer to solve it. LastHack is meant to be that extra bit of tweaking, googling, fidgetting and luck that brings your never-before-seen idea to that "eurica" moment.

I've tried chatting around with more young devs about spinning off a software project, and I guess we'll all have some learning to do. I hope I can find more open source pieces to this puzzle, and I hope that eventually i'll have the software to do it for me. Westward or bust, either way i'm out to make smarter open source projects the norm."what are you doing dave?" takes on a different meaning, doesn't it?